Research Activities

To support its transparency initiative, Sanabel has built a partnership with the Microfinance Information eXchange (MIX) The centerpiece of this collaboration is advocacy for the adoption of global industry reporting norms, building Arab MFIs’ institutional capacity to report according to standards, and providing support to Arab MFIs in integrating this information into the governance and management of their operations.

This entails carrying out a number of activities, including:

Data Collection, Preparation and Standardization
  • Annual Data Collection: In order to be included in the global and regional benchmarks and analysis please complete this form and return to
  • Quarterly Data Collection: Sanabel is striving to keep you updated with the latest figures and trends in the sector, as such; we encourage you to provide us with your MFI’s quarterly data by completing this form and sending it to .
Creating and Updating MIX Market profiles for Arab MFIs

There are currently 70 Arab MFIs with MIX Market profiles. To view Arab MFIs’ MIX Market profiles please visit Sanabel’s page on the MIX

Benchmarking and Analysis

For all the Arab Benchmarking Reports, please click here

Documentation, research, report-writing, and dissemination

For all the Arab Benchmarking Reports, please click here