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Sanabel's 2017 Conference

14, Nov, 2017

Sanabel held its annual conference in Beirut, Lebanon between November 7th and 8th and celebrated its 15th anniversary which was reflected in the conference theme “Financial Inclusion in the Arab Countries; A Journey of Collaboration and Achievements". The conference agenda covered many trends in the microfinance industry such as transformation, digital financial services, very small enterprise market, strategic leadership, risks and SMART certification along with critical issues that microfinance has a role in such as the sustainable development goals (SDGs) and displacement issues plus the journey and the future of microfinance in the Arab region. All these rich topics were surrounded by discussions, debates, questions which offered an optimistic perspective on the role of microfinance in the region. Furthermore, Sanabel’s 2017 Conference provided network opportunities for more than 330 participants from different 34 countries where they exchanged their experiences and knowledge with each other.


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