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Flashback to Pre Conference Training

04, Dec, 2017


As part of Sanabel’s 2017 Conference, Sanabel has organized two pre-conference training workshops exclusively for conference audience.



The first workshop titled “Transformation; A Strategic Perspective” transformation is considered to be a trend in the microfinance industry in the Arab countries due to the regulatory changes that took place in the last couple of years. Therefore we had to go in-depth to unfold the transformation mystery to discover the challenges and the changes in legal status from not-for-profit NGO to a for-profit company and to shed light on the misconceptions of MFI is from NGO to a regulated bank. What, why and how changes after transformation? And who is affected by transformation? All of this been discussed in details during the training workshop with a real case study which enriched the knowledge of the audience. 



The second workshop titled “Talent management: Succession Planning and Career Development for MFIs”   the workshop discussed How MFI can acquire the best talent in order to succeed in the hypercompetitive and increasingly complex global economy. Along with the understanding of the need to hire, develop, and retain talented people, and how critical manage talent as a resource to achieve the best possible results. Shedding light on what’s driving the current strong emphasis on Talent Management, The relationship between better talent and better business performance. Best practices to serve as the foundation for a talent management system, The Three Stages of Talent Management; Identifying and Acquiring, Talent Development and Retention and Capturing and Transferring Knowledge.


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