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Members’ Achievements 2017

28, Feb, 2018

Sanabel, The Microfinance Network of the Arab countries has 79 members, 65 of which are financial service providers (FSPs) and include the pioneers of microfi­nance in the Arab world. Around 40% of these FSPs served 2.7 million clients in 2017 with a gross loan portfolio that exceeded 1.6 billion USD. These FSPs wit­nessed a growth of 12% in terms of active clients and 13% in terms of gross loan portfolio when compared to 2016 data. Such growth was achieved in an environ­ment full of economic, political and general uncertainty in the region. The growth was accompanied with a healthy portfolio that is illustrated in the percentage of portfolio at risk< 30 days reported at 3.25% and a write off ratio standing at 1.14%. The above data indicates that only 40% of Sanabel’s members represent 67% of the outreach in the region when calculated against the total number of active clients of approximately 4 million. If the data of the other 60% of Sanabel’s members is taken into consideration as per the last reporting period, Sanabel’s members would be representing more than 80% of the sector in the region.


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